Rehearsal Scheduled w/c 4th March 2019



All rehearsals are at St Peters in the Forest.

Tuesday 4th March:

7.30-9pm ADULT

Saturday 9th March:

2-3pm – years 1&2
3-4pm – years 3&4
4-5pm – years 5&6
RECEPTION – 4.45-5pm

Sunday 10th March:

2-4pm – secondary

Timings for dress and performance weekends are:

Sat 16th and 17th March:

1-5pm at Leyton Great Hall

Sat 23rd and 24th March:

12-7pm at Leyton Great Hall (first show is at 1pm)

We will be asking a few parents to help out over the dress rehearsal weekend, and need a couple more for the Sunday of the performance weekend. If you are not helping out you can drop and collect your child(ren) in costume at Leyton Great Hall and then collect them at the end of the day.


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