Rehearsal Schedule:

  • Each week’s rehearsal schedules will be set and published online no later than the end

of the preceding week, although we shall endeavour to give as much advance notice as possible.  However, please note that schedules are always subject to

change. Look at for the latest information.



  • Regular attendance is very important! Anyone who misses 2 rehearsal sessions will

not be allowed to continue. It will be the Directors’ decision whether to allow such member/s to re-join their group.

  • Company members MUST be available to attend both run throughs/dress rehearsals 



  • Unfortunately, anyone who disrupts or prevents the cast from working may be asked

to leave, and it will be the Director’s decision whether to allow such member/s to re-join their group.

  • Year 2 and below Cast members of Year 2 and below are to be accompanied by an

adult at all times. This is for their safety and comfort and to allow the smooth running of rehearsals. Adults will be responsible for the children’s behaviour by ensuring that there is no talking – either by the child or themselves – during those times when they will have to sit and

wait their turn to be centre stage. Under certain circumstances, adult supervision of older children will be welcome.


What to wear:

  • Company members need trainers/gym shoes and clothes suitable for moving in and

getting dusty and grubby.


Food & Drink:

  • Cast members are generally requested not to bring any food or drink (except for

bottled water) to rehearsals.



  • Children Year 7 and above will be allowed to go home at the end of the rehearsals


If you want us to hang on to them until you arrive, you should indicate this on the ‘Performer’s Agreement’.


Use of Media:

  • Photos or videos of rehearsals or the performance may be used in publicity, on the

website, or to create a show video.


  • Children may be interviewed by the press. Photos and videos might be taken which

may be made available in a variety of media. If you have any concerns about this, you should indicate this on the ‘Performer’s Agreement’.


Costume sizes:

  • Costumes are often bought in bulk for any year group. If you usually buy a larger or

smaller size than your child’s year group age-label, you should let us know this on the ‘Performer’s Agreement’.


Email address sharing:

  • In signing the ‘Performer’s Agreement’ form you agree to your email address being

shared with other parents/cast members to help with organising. If you do not agree, you should indicate this on the ‘Performer’s Agreement’.


Performance dates:

  • Saturday March 21st and Sunday March 22nd  (this is subject to change,

and we may add one or two extra performances on that Saturday or Sunday if there is a large cast.)


Important Notice for Participants and Parents

Although we’ll take all reasonable steps to take care of you or your child, a theatrical production with a large cast of children and young people has inherent risks and by signing the ‘Performer’s Agreement’ form you acknowledge this fact.


If you have any concerns about this please talk to the Directors or Administrative Team.

For your part please do your best to ensure that you and/or your child(ren) behave responsibly at all times with due regard to your own safety and the safety of others.

Please show your commitment to the success and enjoyment of this production by

Ensuring good behaviour, Attending regularly and Being on time.

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