Hi all, we’ll be holding a drop in Community paint and build session on Sunday 25th Feb between 11-4pm, at Centre17.

Please do come along to customise your costume or help us paint and build set pieces if you are feeling creative- all ages welcome!

Also, there are various props still to be sourced- if you can help out with any of the following please drop me a message, Cheers!

•Toto puppet/soft toy
•Oversized hairdryer & Brush
•Heart shaped watch on chain
•V Large wicker basket
• Rope ( old fashioned not nylon)
•Hessian sacks
•Crystal ball
•Metallic Headphones
•Selfie sticks
•large poppies
•Any black/brown/bright yellow/bright green paints or silver/brass/black/green spray paints
•Large heavy duty cardboard boxes

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