W/c 19th Feb 2018

Tuesday 20/02/18
7.30–9 adults (Munchkins)

Sat 24th Feb

1.50-2.10pm RECEPTION!! (Flying monkeys) (plus Witch)

2.10-3pm years 1-2 (Lions)

3-4pm years 3-4 (Scarecrows)

4-4.45pm years 5-6 (tin men)

4.45-5pm ‘out of the woods’ (last rehearsal for this before the dress rehearsal weekend)

NOTE- this is the last day for SECONDARY aged performers to drop off costumes, at the church, for customising on Sunday.

If you do not drop off on this sat we’ll assume you’ll drop off/help customise yourself between 11-1pm on Sunday 25th Feb at CentrE17 (you will need to be back at St Peters for rehearsal at 2pm)

Sunday 25th February

2-4pm Secondary aged performers
4-5pm leads for scenes and somewhere over the rainbow

11-4pm at www.thecentre17.com for a help make things day

Info for all:

Dress rehearsal weekend is 10th/11th March:

All needed 2-5pm on both days.

Performances will be at 4.30 and 6.30 on 17th and 18th March:

All needed 3.30-8ish (depending on running time) on both days.

Parents of reception – Yr 6 children will probably need to stay on Sat 10th March.

We intend for you not to stay on Sunday 11th March

HOWEVER, we will need large numbers of adult support backstage for childcare during dress rehearsals and performances, so someone will be at rehearsals from now on asking for volunteers to sign up.


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